Candidate Details

Alex Lasry

- Challenger

Alex Lasry is running for the Wisconsin Senate seat, and is the Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks. In his role with the Bucks, he has spearheaded corporate citizenship initiatives, including marching with local leaders to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake and leading the “Bucks Vote” initiative. Lasry also led Milwaukee’s successful efforts to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. He serves on the boards of several organizations and has previously worked in the Obama administration prior to joining the Bucks. Wisconsin’s Senate race will be one of the most competitive and important races in the 2022 midterm elections.  The Democratic primary field is crowded, but Lasry is a strong candidate with major union endorsements and local political leaders in Milwaukee and across the state.

Lasry cites his upbringing in a religious Jewish household as the foundation for his support for Israel. He believes that as Israel’s strongest ally, “The U.S. has a unique responsibility and must play an active role” in working towards a two-state solution with Jerusalem as a capital for both states. Lasry believes that a two-state solution must be negotiated directly by Israeli and Palestinian leaders, with Palestinian authorities recognizing Israel’s right to exist and condemning violence by extremists. Furthermore, he calls on Israel to end settlement expansion and annexation. On Iran, Lasry supports the Biden administration’s efforts to re-engage Iran and work towards a compliance-for-compliance reentry, in which Washington would return to the pact if Tehran is willing to do so as well. Additionally, he supports the goal “to build a broader pact to deal with Iran’s development of ballistic missiles and support for proxy forces in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.”