Candidate Details

Antonio Delgado

House - Challenger

Antonio Delgado is the Democratic nominee in New York’s 19th congressional district. A native of Schenectady, Delgado attended Colgate University before receiving a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford and then graduating from Harvard Law. Delgado formerly served as a chief executive at a music production company focused on empowering young people and worked as an attorney.

Delgado is an unwavering supporter of Israel. His family is deeply involved in the American Jewish community—his wife, Lacey Schwartz Delgado, works with Be’chol Lashon, a non-profit that raises awareness of the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of historic and contemporary Jewish life.

If elected to Congress, Delgado will work to further enhance the bond between the US and Israel, including through funding programs that safeguard Israel’s security. However, Delgado understands that Israel’s long-term security requires a peaceful, durable resolution to the conflict with the Palestinians. To achieve a sustainable peace, the US must be involved in brokering negotiations toward a two-state solution. Additionally, he supports continued US aid to the Palestinian Authority because functional institutions lay the groundwork for a future Palestinian state.

Delgado is clear in his view that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a severe threat to Israel. For this reason, he supported the Iran nuclear agreement that the US and international community implemented to drastically reduce Iran’s nuclear capability.