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Becca Balint

House - Open

Becca Balint is a state senator, activist, and is the first openly gay person to serve as President Pro Tempore in the Vermont State Senate. Becca grew up in a Jewish household, the granddaughter of a man killed in the Holocaust. She earned degrees from Smith College, the School of Education at Harvard, and the University of Massachusetts. Becca was first elected to the state senate in 2014 and became President Pro Tempore in 2017. In the State Senate, she has led the passage of paid family leave, a minimum wage increase, and the most progressive reproductive freedom legislation in the country. Becca, her wife Elizabeth, and their two children now live in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Becca believes that “the United States should always use its extraordinary position in the world as a mechanism for peace, diplomacy, and the promotion of human rights.” She “know[s] that an end to the occupation and statehood for Palestine can mean an era of increased freedom and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians.” As a historian, she “choose[s] to still believe in a path forward for a negotiated two state solution with Jerusalem as a shared capital.” Becca’s family history largely “affects how [she] view[s] the conflict, and allows [her] to recognize the need for a place where Jews can feel solace, respite, safe, and at home.” Becca recognizes that “the mechanisms of occuption—home demolitions, unjust detentions, displacement of families through illegal settlement expansions, ongoing bombings of Gaza, the strangling blockade of Gaza, and harrassment at checkpoints—have made life in Palestine unbelievably challenging.”

On Iran, Becca “support[s] the Iran Deal and believe[s] we must restore it, bring Iran into the diplomatic fold, prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and do everything we can to welcome Iranians into the international community.”