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Carlina Rivera

House - Open

Carlina was born and raised in NY-10 on the Lower East Side. She grew up in Section 8 housing with a single mother who emigrated from Puerto Rico to Brooklyn. Carlina later graduated from Marist College, where she majored in journalism. After graduation, Carlina worked in after-school programming, for a housing preservation-focused nonprofit organization, and then as Councilwoman Rosie Mendez’s legislative director. Carlina began her race for city council in 2017, and was sworn into office on January 1, 2018. In office, she has focused on affordable housing, preventing sexual harassment, climate justice, abortion access and reproductive health.

Rivera has pledged to “be a steadfast advocate for clear-eyed diplomacy that is directly aimed at a negotiated peace and undoing the setbacks of the Trump years.” She is also quick to “recognize that we cannot claim to support democratic outcomes in Israel and Palestine if we do not support democracy here in the United States.” Rivera views a two-state solution as “a moral imperative, as well as the only pathway to long-term stability for both Israelis and Palestinians.” She sees “security aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to Palestinians as two tentpoles of the peace process that save lives on the ground and create an environment where good-faith negotiation is possible, and will remain strongly committed to continuing both.” Rivera “will not hesitate to speak out against unilateral Israeli action on settlements, annexation, or other final status issues that must be resolved within a diplomatic framework that includes the Palestinians.”