Candidate Details

Carolyn Bourdeaux

House - Challenger

Running in the Democratic primary in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, Carolyn Bourdeaux has devoted her life to public policy reform. Bourdeaux began her career in the office of Senator Ron Wyden, working on transportation and healthcare issues. Since 2003, she has been a public policy professor at Georgia State University, where she founded the Center for State and Local Finance. From 2007-2010 she was the Director of Georgia’s Senate Budget and Evaluation Office, and the Georgia Senate honored her with a resolution for significant service to the state. In 2018, Bourdeaux challenged Rep. Rob Woodall in what became the closest House race of the cycle and came within 433 votes of flipping the seat, she closed a 20 percentage point gap and put this race on the map for Democrats. Rep. Woodall has since announced he will not seek reelection, leaving this district open and setting it up to be of the most competitive House races this year. Bourdeaux faces five other candidates in the Democratic primary, but has so far raised more than all of them combined.

Bourdeaux believes that a just and lasting peace—with the Palestinians and Israelis each acknowledging the legitimate right of the other state to exist—is the best way to ensure the long-term security of Israel and a future state of Palestine. She supports the resumption of humanitarian aid and other forms of economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority. She also opposes further expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This “makes a peaceful resolution more difficult, ultimately undermining Israel’s long-term security and coexistence with a future Palestinian state.” Bourdeaux believes that the JCPOA provides the best opportunity to ensure that Iran cannot acquire nuclear weapons, and that re-entry is the best means to achieve a diplomatic solution.