Candidate Details

Chris Pappas

House - Incumbent

Congressman Pappas represents New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Rep. Pappas is a longtime elected official in state politics, who first won election as a State Representative in 2002. He was subsequently elected to two terms as the Hillsborough County Treasurer, and from 2013 to 2019, served on the New Hampshire Executive Council. The Congressman also co-owns and manages a restaurant, the Puritan Backroom. He serves on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Congressman Pappas has twice visited Israel, where he developed a deep appreciation for Israeli society and the US-Israel alliance. Through this experience, he gained an understanding of Israel’s unique security challenges. According to Rep. Pappas, the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon presents one of Israel’s biggest security threats, and for this reason, he fully supported the JCPOA. Rep. Pappas also supports a two-state solution as a necessary step toward achieving long-term security for Israel. In his view, the US must help nurture negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, which would preserve Israel’s Jewish and democratic nature, while also recognizing the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people. In Congress, he cosponsored H.Res. 326, which gets Congress on the record reaffirming support for the two-state solution and opposing annexation and settlement expansion.