Candidate Details

Conor Lamb

House - Incumbent

Congressman Conor Lamb is a Marine, former federal prosecutor, and the Representative for Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District. He was first elected to the neighboring 18th Congressional District in March 2018 in a nationally watched special election, winning with just a few hundred votes. In November, Rep. Lamb won the race for the newly-drawn 17th Congressional district in northwest Pittsburgh. From 2014 to 2017, Rep. Lamb served as an Assistant US Attorney in Pittsburgh and led several prosecution efforts against drug dealers, violent criminals, and firearm traffickers. Prior to his appointment as a federal prosecutor, Rep. Lamb served in the US Marine Corps, and he continues to serve as a Major in the Marine Corps Reserves. In Congress, he is the Vice Chair of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and sits on Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Rep. Lamb chairs the Energy Subcommittee and the Congressional Steel Caucus. 

Congressman Lamb is a strong supporter of the US-Israel relationship. He has said, When you’re in the Marines, you learn to know who your friends are. Israel is our friend, one of our closest and most important allies in the world, and I will always support Israel.” He is supportive of robust military and foreign aid to Israel.