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UPDATE: This is just so inspiring. We've smashed our original goal of $15,000. Can we do $50,000?

UPDATE 2:  We did it!  In 24 hours we raised over $50,000 for pro-Israel, pro peace candidates. Keep it up - Can we do $60,000?

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Rep. Ron Kind (D, WI-3)

Rep. Ron Kind is running for his 11th term representing Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Kind attended Harvard University, where he was quarterback for the football team. He went on to receive a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School. Kind currently serves on the powerful Ways and Means Committee and is the co-vice-chair of the New Democratic Coalition. Kind believes that strong US engagement is needed to help bring about a two-state solution.


Rep. Deborah Halvorson (D, IL-11)

Rep. Halvorson is a leading freshman Congresswoman and a strong supporter of pro-Israel, pro-peace issues. Before being elected in 2008, she served as a member of the Illinois State Senate for twelve years, where she was the first woman to serve as the majority leader. Halvorson believes that strong U.S. leadership is necessary to bring about an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “so that other nations see us both as a leader and a partner.”


Steve Pougnet (D, CA-45)

Steve Pougnet, currently the Mayor of Palms Springs, is a progressive Democrat running for his first term in California’s 45th Congressional District. Pougnet was elected Mayor in 2007 after serving on Palm Springs city council since 2003. Prior to these positions, Pougnet worked in the non-profit world as the Associate Director of the National Corporate Leadership program at the United Way of America. Mayor Pougnet is openly gay and is running as an outsider who can be a pragmatic leader that brings diverse groups together to take on decisive issues. He strongly supports a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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JStreetPAC supports Congressional candidates who share our conviction that strong American leadership to end the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflicts peacefully and diplomatically will advance US interests in the Middle East and promote real peace and security for Israel and the region.

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