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Dan Goldman

House - Open

Dan Goldman is running for Congress to lead the fights for our democracy, our fundamental rights, our safety and our planet. In 2019, Dan Goldman served as lead counsel for the impeachment investigation of President Donald J. Trump for abusing his office for his personal interest regarding Ukraine. In that role, Goldman led depositions and questioned witnesses in public hearings, and testified before the House Judiciary Committee.
Prior to that, Goldman served 10 years as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York working with Preet Bharara. In that role, he held powerful actors accountable and made our city safer. He took on some of the office’s biggest and most consequential cases: prosecuting violent gangs and
gun trafficking, mafia bosses and Russian organized crime, and landmark insider trading and major corporate fraud cases. In law school, Goldman contributed to Michelle Alexander’s seminal book, The New Jim Crow, which addressed the inequalities in our criminal justice system.
Goldman has a deep affection for Israel, “in part because [his] family has a deep, multi-generational connection with Israel.” He believes that “the special relationship between the United States and Israel must remain a cornerstone of our national security policy.” Additionally, Goldman “believe[s] Congress should invest more in support of…programs that foster dialogue, peace, and joint ventures.” Goldman supports “humanitarian assistance to Palestine through direct bilateral aid as well as through [UNRWA]” as well as the MOU. He deeply believes in a two-state solution with “a secure Jewish state of Israel and an economically viable — and demilitarized — Palestinian state.” Goldman has said that “just as Israel has a right to exist, Palestinians have a right to have their basic human rights respected and protected.” In line with this, Goldman “[does] not believe Israel’s expansion of settlements in the West Bank is helpful to the peace process” and has said that “Palestinians should enjoy protection against any forcible relocation that does not abide by the rule of law.”