Candidate Details

Gina Ortiz Jones

House - Challenger

Gina Ortiz Jones is the Democratic nominee in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. Jones’ career in national security spanned 14 years. She started as an intelligence officer in the Air Force, which included a deployment to Iraq. She advised on operations in Latin America and Africa, and ultimately worked on economic and national security issues in the Executive Office of the President. She served as a Senior Advisor for Trade Enforcement under President Obama and later served in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative as a Director for Investment.

As a veteran, Ortiz Jones has a strong understanding of Israel’s security challenges. During a recent trip to Israel, she was struck by the inequality that exists between Israel and the Palestinian territories, a situation that she considers unsustainable. If elected to Congress, she will be committed to advocating for a two-state solution that provides security and allows for the self-determination of both peoples.