Candidate Details

Harley Rouda

House - Incumbent

Rep. Harley Rouda represents California’s 48th congressional district. Rouda lives in Laguna Beach and is a businessman and attorney who has been active in many charities. Rouda practiced law with one of the country’s largest law firms before joining his family’s real estate business and building it into one of the country’s largest firms. 

In Congress, Harley will be a strong advocate for a strong US-Israel relationship. He believes that Israel’s security should be a top priority to the US because the two nations have shared values and a mutual interest in regional peace in the Middle East. Rouda believes that ultimately, the two-state solution is the only answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in his view, it is within US and Israeli values to recognize a homeland for the Palestinian people. He supports US efforts to broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Rouda also believes that the United States should continue providing financial support to Israel and reinstate aid to the Palestinian people and that settlement development in the West Bank is an obstacle to peace.