Candidate Details

Janice Schakowsky

House - Incumbent

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky was first elected to represent Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in 1998. Serving in the House Democratic Leadership as Chief Deputy Whip, Rep. Schakowsky has earned a reputation as a champion of progressive issues on Capitol Hill. She serves on the Energy and Commerce and Budget Committees.

The Congresswoman has traveled Israel and the Palestinian Territories extensively and has been a longtime advocate of a two-state solution. During her time in Congress, Rep. Schakowsky has been one of J Street’s strongest allies, vocally advocating for pro-Israel, pro-peace causes across the board. She backed the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran, and authored a letter with Congressman Yarmuth to Prime Minister Netanyahu urging against the destruction of Palestinian villages in the West Bank. She was one of the earliest cosponsors of House Resolution 326, which reaffirms Congress’s commitment to two-state solution and opposes settlement expansion and annexation.