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Jesse Mermell

House - Open

Jesse Mermell has spent her career advocating for progressive causes. Shortly after her college graduation, she was elected to the Brookline Select Board, becoming the youngest member ever and tackling climate change at the local level. In 2013, she went on to serve as Governor Deval Patrick’s Communications Director. Mermell has also served as Director for the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus and as Vice President for External Affairs for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, where she fought to ensure contraception was included as covered preventive care until the Affordable Care Act. Jesse spent the last five years running the Alliance for Business Leadership, the only progressive, pro-worker business group in Massachusetts, fighting to raise the minimum wage, pass the Fair Share amendment, negotiate the Paid Family Medical Leave law in Massachusetts, and invest equitably in transportation and education. Mermell is running for the MA-04 seat Rep. Joe Kennedy III is set to leave as he challenges Senator Ed Markey. Mermell is one of the most progressive candidates in this crowded field.

Mermell is committed to a strong US-Israel relationship. She believes a two-state solution is the best approach to achieving long-term stability in the region and to ensure a secure, democratic, Jewish state of Israel alongside an independent, viable, peaceful Palestinian state. Mermell argues that this approach is in the best interest of the US, and as such, the US has a crucial role to play in achieving this goal. She opposes any unilateral action that challenges peace, including settlement expansion and annexation of the West Bank, and will use her voice in Congress to condemn these steps publicly. Mermell is a supporter of the JCPOA and remains committed to regulating Iran’s nuclear program. In Congress, Mermell would focus her energies on encouraging the US and Iran to come back to the table to negotiate a new deal.