Candidate Details

John Garamendi

House - Incumbent

Congressman John Garamendi currently represents California’s 3rd District in Washington, but has been in public service in some form or another since 1974. He has served as a State Senator and Assemblyman, the US Deputy Secretary of the Interior (under Pres. Clinton), a member of a Peace Corps delegation that helped negotiate a treaty between Ethiopia and Eritrea, California Insurance Commissioner, and most recently California’s Lieutenant Governor (under Gov. Schwarzenegger) until 2009. Currently serving on the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Garamendi is an outspoken proponent of US leadership in the international community and a strong supporter of Israel and a two-state solution. He has also been one of President Trump’s most incisive critics, particularly in the realm of foreign policy. JStreetPAC is proud to support such a dedicated public servant in his 2020 campaign for re-election to the House.