Candidate Details

Jon Ossoff

Senate - Incumbent

Before his election to the Senate in a runoff election in January 2021, Jon Ossoff was a media executive, investigative journalist, and former national security aide in Congress. Ossoff began his political career in the office of U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson handling defense, foreign affairs, intelligence, and economic policy. Since 2013, Ossoff has served as the CEO of Insight TWI, a media production company that produces internationally broadcast investigations of corruption, organized crime, and war crimes — including award-winning investigations of sexual slavery by ISIS, human trafficking, death squads, and high-level corruption.

JStreetPAC endorsed Ossoff in 2017, when he was the Democratic nominee in the historic GA-06 special election and lost by just 3 points. Ossoff has a deep understanding of J Street’s issues from his time as a defense policy expert on Rep. Johnson’s national security team, where he worked on the efforts to fund the Iron Dome and David’s Sling programs. In the Senate, he’ll support Israel’s security as a homeland for the Jewish people and push for a strong U.S. role in the negotiation of a two-state solution. Ossoff will not hesitate to criticize actions that undermine the peace process, including annexation of the West Bank. He supported the JCPOA and is determined to bring Iran back to the table and into a new agreement. Sen. Ossoff sits on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.