Candidate Details

Joseph Kopser

House - Open

Joseph Kopser is the Democratic nominee for Texas’s 21st congressional district. Kopser is an Army veteran and West Point graduate who deployed twice to Iraq and spent two years working at the Pentagon. Since his retirement from the Army, Joseph founded RideScout, which helped commuters find effective transportation solutions, won the White House Champion of Change Award in 2014.

As an Army veteran who served in Iraq and a technology executive with experience in defense, Joseph Kopser understands that the United States and Israel have a special relationship. He recognizes that Israel’s long-term security depends on the realization of a two-state solution and that the US has an important role to play in brokering negotiations. Additionally, it is Kopser’s view that a two-state solution will protect Israel’s identity as a democracy and the Jewish homeland.

When it comes to addressing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Kopser understands that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon would threaten Israel, the region, and world stability, and he is dedicated to a diplomatic approach to curbing Iran’s nuclear program. Kopser supports continued aid to Israel in order to help maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge. He also supports aid to the Palestinian Authority that would be crucial to state building and security efforts in the West Bank.