Candidate Details

Kara Eastman

House - Challenger

Kara Eastman is the Democratic nominee in Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district. Eastman founded Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, a lead poisoning prevention organization. She has grown her organization tremendously and has raised millions of dollars to support safe and healthy housing in Omaha. She also serves as Vice Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Metropolitan Community College where she worked on the college’s non-discrimination policies. She is a part of the DCCC’s Red to Blue program

As the daughter of a Jewish father, Kara Eastman understands the importance of Israeli security, and she supports continued US aid to Israel as a strategic investment that facilitates cooperation. She also supports continued foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority to maintain security and stability in the region. She believes very strongly in a two-state solution that ensures Israel’s security and enables Israel to maintain its Jewish and democratic nature. Eastman opposes the expansion of the settlements in the West Bank.

Eastman believes that the Israelis and Palestinians must make difficult choices to achieve peace but the involvement of the US is vital to that goal. Unfortunately, in Eastman’s view, the US has been “jeopardizing our national security by haphazardly undermining treaties and agreements that foster peace in the world.” Eastman strongly supported the Iran nuclear agreement and feels that the decision to pull out of the agreement was an “assault on international peace and security.”