Candidate Details

Katherine Clark

House - Incumbent

Congresswoman Katherine Clark has represented Massachusetts’s 5th district in Washington since her victory in a 2013 special election, having been re-elected three times since. Prior to serving in the House she worked for the State AG’s office as an attorney, and served several terms in both the Massachusetts State House and Senate. She currently sits on the House Appropriations Committee and is the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.

During her time in Congress, Rep. Clark supported the JCPOA and put her name to Rep. Schakowsky’s letter on Iran. She also signed three more letters of concern on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and refused to support two unconstitutional bills that sought to criminalize support for the BDS movement. Rep. Clark has been a champion of J Street’s issues.  She is a cosponsor of House Resolution 326, which reaffirms Congress’s commitment to two-state solution and opposes settlement expansion and annexation.