Candidate Details

Katie Hill

House - Challenger

Katie Hill is running for Congress in California’s 25th Congressional District against Republican incumbent Steve Knight. Before running, Hill served as the Executive Director of PATH, the largest homeless services organization in California. Under her leadership, PATH grew from a $5 million annual operating budget to a $50 million one, and helped more than 7,000 individuals, veterans, and families make it home into permanent housing. Hill grew up in California’s 25th district and currently lives on a small farm in the district with her husband.

Katie has been a champion for progressive causes throughout her career, and she earned JStreetPAC’s support early on in the campaign given her strong support for our pro-Israel, pro-peace agenda. She is also one of the most competitive challengers across the country. In 2016, Secretary Clinton won the 25th district by 7 points, but Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Knight managed to hold onto his seat. External polling conducted in the spring shows that between Katie’s background, experience, and local ties, she has what it takes to beat Rep. Knight by as much as 13 points. JStreetPAC is excited to help Katie in her campaign to defeat Rep. Knight, who has voted 99% in line with President Trump.