Candidate Details

Katie Porter

House - Incumbent

Congresswoman Katie Porter represents California’s 45th Congressional District. Before running for Congress, Rep. Porter worked as a consumer protection attorney, and she spent nearly twenty years fighting powerful interests and Wall Street banks on behalf of consumers and families. In 2012, then California Attorney General Kamala Harris appointed Rep. Porter to be California’s watchdog against the banks. The Congresswoman has also been a tenured professor at the University of California Irvine Law School. In Congress, Rep. Porter has emerged as a leader on progressive issues and as a prominent voice for working families as one of only two single mothers of young children in Congress. In 2020, she handily won re-election in a district that was previously considered a safe Republican seat for decades.

Rep. Porter supports a two-state solution, creating a safe and secure Israeli state living alongside a Palestinian state. She views the two-state solution as the clearest path to an enduring peace, offering both Israel and the Palestinian people lasting stability. In Congress, Rep. Porter expressed support early on for House Resolution 326, which reaffirmed Congress’s support for a two-state solution.