Candidate Details

Kim Schrier

House - Incumbent

Congresswoman Kim Schrier represents Washington’s 8th congressional district in Congress. Schrier is a pediatrician, and she she is the only female medical doctor in Congress.

Rep. Schrier twice visited Israel when she was in medical school, during which time she worked closely with Israeli medical students and strengthened her sense of connection with Israel. For this reason, she understands that the US’s and Israel’s security are intertwined, and she is committed to fighting for continued aid to Israel to bolster its qualitative military edge in the region. At the same time, Schrier will also fight for humanitarian aid, because such funding is essential for maintaining stability in the region and strengthening state-building efforts.

In Schrier’s view, US aid in the region also bolsters conditions necessary to bring about a two-state solution. In Congress, she will advocate for the US playing a central supporting role in peace negotiations. Additionally, she views the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem as complicating the prospects for peace, and as such, she opposes such activity. Schrier is also committed to pursuing ongoing diplomatic engagement with Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions.