Candidate Details

Leslie Cockburn

House - Open

Leslie Cockburn is a writer and documentarian based in Rappahannock County running for the open seat in Virginia’s 5th congressional district. She has worked as a producer for “60 Minutes” and PBS’s “Frontline” series, and she has won two Emmys for her work. As a journalist, she has covered major issues including financial crises, nuclear weapons, radical jihad, and drug cartels, and she has reported on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Colombia, Cambodia and Central America. In early May, she secured the Democratic nomination for the district through a party convention, and she will face Denver Riggleman in November.

As a seasoned journalist who has covered foreign affairs around the world, Cockburn is deeply familiar with Israel’s unique security challenges. As such, if elected to Congress she will stand by the US’s commitments to Israel, including security cooperation. She is also dedicated to promoting the peace process between Israel and Palestinians, with the US playing a critical role in encouraging Israel and the Palestinians to cease hostilities and find a two-state solution. She supports freezing the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which threaten prospects for peace. Similarly, Leslie was concerned by President Trump’s recent decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem without a broader peace proposal.