Candidate Details

Liz Watson

House - Challenger

Liz Watson is a fifth-generation Hoosier, working mom, and workers’ rights attorney.  Liz is the Red-to-Blue Democratic nominee in Indiana’s 9th congressional district (IN-09). She was the Director of Workplace Justice at the National Women’s Law Center, and she served as the Executive Director of the Georgetown Poverty Center. Liz also worked as Labor Policy Director for Democratic members of Congress. In May 2018, she won the primary in IN-09 with 66% of the vote.

When it comes to Israel-related issues, Liz is guided by her Jewish values that compel her to seek peace. She knows that the US and Israel are steadfast allies, and that the US should never waver in its support for Israel. She also believes that the US should actively support the right of the Palestinian people to statehood and self-determination. She believes that the two-state solution is the only real way to achieve peace and ensure that Israel can remain a Jewish and democratic state.

Liz is concerned that this administration has been moving away from its role in helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve peaceful coexistence. She was strongly opposed to prematurely moving the US embassy, and she believes that Congress must excercise stronger oversight in matters of foreign policy. Liz was also a strong supporter of the JCPOA before the president withdrew from the agreement. She opposes BDS and settlement expansion because she believes that only diplomacy and negotiation will lead to peace in the Middle East.