Candidate Details

Marie Newman

House - Incumbent

Congresswoman Marie Newman won election to Congress in 2020 after successfully challenging former Rep. Dan Lipinski, a conservative Democrat who was one of only 25 Democrats who voted against the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015. She is a nonprofit executive, small businesswoman and progressive activist. In Congress, she serves on the House Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure and Small Business. She is also the Vice Chair of Communications for the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On the issues of importance to J Street, Newman has said that “the US should be a part of any coalition designed to support or empower talks between the Israeli and Palestinian people,” and should play an evenhanded and unbiased role in the resolution of the conflict. She supports the aspirations of both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples to be free, self-empowered, prosperous, safe and secure that are mutually agreed upon by both parties. She also opposes the presence of Israeli settlements, seeing as they violate international law and undermine the prospect for a just peace between the parties.