Candidate Details

Mike Levin

House - Open

Mike Levin is the Democratic nominee for the open seat in California’s 49th Congressional District. A California native and Stanford alumnus, Levin served as the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County. He also has experience as an attorney focused on environmental law and has been awarded for his clean energy work. Levin served on the board of the Center for Sustainable Energy in San Diego, and co-founded an organization called Sustain OC in Orange County.

Levin grew up with a commitment to Jewish values and the State of Israel. As a Member of Congress, he will work to support a durable solution to the conflict that addresses the concerns of all parties involved. Levin understands that a two-state solution is the best way to achieve a just and lasting peace in the region, and he believes that the United States should play a role in engaging the parties in negotiations. Additionally, Levin is a strong proponent of continued US aid to Israel in order to ensure that Israel maintains a qualitative military advantage.