Candidate Details

MJ Hegar

Senate - Challenger

MJ Hegar is running in the Democratic primary to take on incumbent Sen. John Cornyn. Hegar served in the US Air Force and Air National Guard as a combat search and rescue helicopter pilot until she was shot down by enemy fire, earning a Purple Heart for her role in the mission. She then worked with the ACLU to challenge and ultimately repeal the Department of Defense’s Ground Combat Exclusion Policy, which limited the roles women could hold in the military. In 2018, Hegar ran for Congress in TX-31, ultimately coming within less than three points in this traditionally red district. The Texas Senate race is one of the most watched Senate races this cycle, and significant down-ballot investments will certainly play a role in boosting Democratic turnout; Texas is the main battleground for the House. Hegar faced eleven challengers in the March 3rd Primary, raising more than all of them combined. She went on to win the nomination by more than 140,000 votes. Hegar has been endorsed by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

As a combat veteran, Hegar knows that international security begins with diplomacy. Therefore, she supports the US maintaining its decades-long commitment to a two-state solution. If elected to Congress, Hegar will support continued US aid to Israel, as well as to the Palestinian Authority. She opposes expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, and will oppose unilateral actions that inhibit the possibility of a two-state solution.