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Molly Gray

House - Open

Molly Gray is an international human rights lawyer who previously served as an Assistant Attorney General of Vermont, and is now the state’s Lieutenant Governor. Molly was born and raised on a farm in South Newbury, Vermont, which is still operated by her family to this day. She earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Vermont, where she competed as a Division I cross-country skier. After graduation, she moved to DC to work on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Aide for Rep. Peter Welch before moving onto the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). At the ICRC, Molly worked to promote US compliance with the Geneva Conventions and led field missions to places including Haiti, Uganda, and Georgia. Molly became an Assistant Attorney General in 2018 while teaching night classes on human rights at Vermont Law School. She was elected to the Lieutenant Governor’s office in 2021.

Gray has pledged that “if elected to Congress, [she] will work to restore the bipartisan consensus that Israel is an essential ally and that our partnership is rooted in shared democratic ideals, respect for human rights, and strategic security interests.” Gray “will do all [she] can to support a negotiated, two-state solution, with a shared capital in Jerusalem for both states, that respects the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.” As a former staffer for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Gray “[has] seen firsthand how the United Nations and its agencies, including UNRWA, and other multilateral institutions, are critical to fostering stability and peace.” She supports “a land-for-peace deal, built around the consensus that has existed since 1967” and will “oppose actions by either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that threaten and derail a path toward peace—whether Israeli annexation of territory, settlement expansion, or hateful speech from Palestinian leaders or terrorist actions by Hamas.” Lastly, Gray “strongly support[s] rejoining the JCPOA and [she] will do all [she] can as a member of Congress to support the Biden administration’s diplomatic efforts to rejoin the JCPOA.”