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2016 On the Street Candidates

Our "On the Street" candidates are pro-Israel, pro-peace champions who are
not endorsed but who our members can support through JStreetPAC.


Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D, IL-8)

In 2012, Tammy Duckworth was elected to Illinois’ 8th congressional seat, defeating GOP incumbent Joe Walsh in the general election. In Congress, Duckworth has been a reliable source of support in Congress for pro-peace, pro-Israel Americans. Congresswoman Duckworth is a firm believer that the strong US-Israeli bond is based on shared values and shared interests.

Congresswoman Duckworth has continued to express strong support for a two-state solution, acknowledging Israel’s best security arrangement can be achieved through an agreement with the Palestinians. Reaffirming her conviction that American leadership is critical to bridging Israeli and Palestinian support for a two-state solution, Duckworth was a cosponsor on H. Res 365, a bill commending the Kerry Initiative.

Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran, losing both her legs in a Black Hawk helicopter combat mission in 2004. The congresswoman has previously stressed that her military experience puts her in a unique position to speak out for peace in the Middle East; she trained with Israeli soldiers and notes that her exposure to the IDF has shaped her perspective on the sacrifices they make.

JStreetPAC is proud to place our friend, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth ‘On the Street.’


Rep. Donna Edwards (D, MD-04)

Donna Edwards’ experiences have made her who she is today: a fighter with the record of improving the lives of working families. She ran a strong grassroots campaign to win a special election in 2008 and become the first African-American woman in history to represent Maryland in the House of Representatives. In Congress, Edwards quickly developed a reputation as a progressive champion and has continually spoken out on behalf of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. JStreetPAC supported her in 2010 and 2012, both years in which she successfully headed off a prospective primary challenger, and again in her successful 2014 election. J Street is proud to place Donna Edwards 'On the Street' for her race to be the next Senator of Maryland.


Ted Strickland (D, OH)

Former Ohio Governor and U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Strickland has spent his career fighting for people who work for a living, because that’s who he is and where he comes from.

The son of a steelworker, Ted’s family sometimes struggled to get by when he was growing up, but Ted was able to work hard and become the first in his family to go to college.

Even with the challenges he faced, Ted understands it’s much more difficult to afford college today. He sees that middle-class families are working harder than ever and still struggling to pay bills and save for retirement. And he understands that good-paying jobs, especially for our kids, are harder to find.

Ted has a strong record supporting middle-class priorities like raising the minimum wage, passing Paycheck Fairness, and protecting the promise of Medicare and Social Security. He’s stood up for marriage equality - and full equality for all Americans regardless of who they love. He will work to protect voting rights, and fight against government intervention in women’s private healthcare decisions.

During more than 10 years in Congress, Ted consistently voted for U.S. aid to Israel, condemned terrorist attacks against Israel, and supported Israel’s right to provide for its security. Ted’s recent trip to Israel this year has only reinforced his firm conviction that the U.S. and Israel share a special bond that deserves to be strengthened.

As Governor, Ted froze college tuition and and signed a groundbreaking renewable energy standard that helped create thousands of new jobs.

Now Ted is running for U.S. Senate because he’s tired of millionaires in Washington looking out for the interests of billionaires. He will be a Senator who fights for middle-class families.


Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D, MD-8)

First elected to Congress in 2002 in a nationally watched race, Chris Van Hollen quickly vaulted into the ranks of the House leadership becoming Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006 and Assistant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008. He has served as the Ranking Democrat on the Budget Committee for the last four years where he has been a national leader in the debate over how to address growing inequality in America and the challenges facing working families.

Known for his detailed and thoughtful approach to issues, when Chris Van Hollen takes a position it carries weight among his colleagues. He fundamentally believes in the critical role of smart diplomacy in advancing U.S. foreign policy goals around the world. He was a cosponsor of H.Res 365, a bill commending the Kerry Initiative for seeking to bridge Israeli and Palestinian positions on a two-state solution, and he has announced his support for the Obama Administration’s negotiated deal over the Iranian nuclear program.

J Street is proud to place him ‘On the Street’ for his race to be the next great U.S. Senator from the state of Maryland.


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