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Patty Murray

Senate - Incumbent

In 1992, Patty Murray was first elected to represent Washington in the Senate. The Senator is the first woman senator from Washington and the highest-ranking woman in the Senate.

Senator Murray is an ally to the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement on Capitol Hill. She was a prominent advocate for the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and allied herself with J Street in standing against additional Iran nuclear sanctions in 2014. Senator Murray is a strong supporter of and advocate for a two-state solution and supports a foreign policy that preserves a two-state option. She also supported S. Res. 185, reaffirming the US government’s commitment to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations towards ending the conflict.

Senator Murray served as the first female Chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the 112th Congress. Murray was also the first female Chair of the Senate Budget Committee during the 113th Congress. Currently she is the Ranking Member of the Senate Education, Health, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Senator Murray previously served in the Washington state Senate from 1988-1992.

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