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Randy Bryce

House - Open

Randy Bryce is running in the Democratic primary in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district for the vacant seat currently held by retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan. Bryce broke onto the national scene with a viral campaign video in June 2017, highlighting his background as an ironworker and veteran. He currently serves as President of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Veterans Caucus.

When it comes to Israel’s stability and security, Bryce understands that a two-state solution is the only viable long-term option. As a member of Congress, he will work to make sure the U.S. continues to be a helpful ally in those negotiations. In his view, reaching a peaceful agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is not only imperative for the stability of those peoples, but also for the stability of the entire region. Bryce is also committed to ensuring that the US continues to meet its obligations under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. He views the Iran deal as a central component of the US’s international security goals and will defend its complete, unobstructed implementation if elected to Congress.