Candidate Details

Rev. Raphael Warnock

Senate - Incumbent

Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock represents the state of Georgia in the U.S. Senate after winning the January 2021 runoff special election. Sen. Warnock grew up in Savannah, GA, the son of two pastors, and has spent his career in the ministry. In 2005, he became senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr.’s former congregation.

Sen. Warnock is proud to continue MLK’s legacy of leadership and friendship between the Black and Jewish communities of Atlanta, Georgia. He knows that “Israel’s right to exist as a state in security is incontestable” and “will be a staunch advocate against anti-Semitism in all its forms.” He believes that being a friend to both Israel and the Palestinian people requires our leaders to be honest and vocal brokers, and after traveling to the region in 2019, knows that “settlement expansion and creeping annexation…ultimately impede our hopes for peace.” The Reverend hopes to be a champion of a two-state solution in the Senate.

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