Candidate Details

Judy Chu

House - Incumbent

Rep. Judy Chu was first elected to Congress in 2009, representing California’s 32nd congressional district. Following redistricting in the state in 2012, the Congresswoman was re-elected in California’s 27th congressional district, which includes Pasadena and the west San Gabriel Valley of southern California, in 2013. She serves on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and on the House Small Businesses Committee.

Congresswoman Chu has established her unwavering support for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state during her time in Congress, and she has demonstrated her commitment to a diplomacy-first foreign policy. She voted against House Resolution 11 because she opposed the objection to the US abstention on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which states that Israeli settlements violate international law. She also supports the Iran nuclear deal, and she joined House Resolution 23 as a cosponsor, a bill which reaffirmed the House’s commitment to a two-state solution.