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Sarah Godlewski

Senate - Challenger

Sarah Godlewski is the Wisconsin State Treasurer, a 5th generation Wisconsinite from Eau Claire, a working mom, and a former small business owner. She was elected statewide in 2018. Sarah studied Peace and Conflict Resolution as an undergraduate and worked with the Pentagon as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton for almost a decade. Godlewski also has served as the Co-Chair of UNICEF’s USA Advocacy Committee. Wisconsin’s Senate race will be one of the most competitive and important races in the 2022 midterm elections. The Democratic primary field is crowded, but Godlewski has already won statewide. She is endorsed by EMILY’s List and leads the field in endorsements from WI political leaders.
Godlewski’s approach to J Street’s issues is based on the relationships she formed with both Israelis and Palestinians while studying Peace and Conflict Resolution, which taught her that “at the end of the day Israelis and Palestinians want the same thing: religious freedom, safe communities to raise a family, and economic opportunities. But for these to become permanent, it requires peace and an equitable two-state solution.” As a Senator, Godlewski will be committed to “restoring serious dialogue to build a two-state solution that ensures the rights, religious freedom, and safety of both Israelis and Palestinians.” She believes in a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, with U.S. aid to help maintain Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, and in transparency to ensure that U.S. aid to Israel is not used to violate Palestinian rights. She also supports humanitarian aid through UN agencies and the Palestinian Authority. Godlewski will speak out against actions on either side of the conflict that harm the prospects for a sustainable peace, such as support for terrorism or unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank.
On Iran, Godlewski believes that we should “enact a clean reentry to the deal as a starting point on follow-up negotiations to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.”  Additionally, she believes the United States should seek “other mechanisms to hold Iran accountable for their ballistic missile program and illegal support for terrorist groups around the region.”

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