Candidate Details

Sen. Ed Markey

Senate - Incumbent

A lifelong public servant, Senator Ed Markey was first elected to Congress in 1976. He was appointed to the Senate to replace John Kerry in 2013 and first ran for reelection to the Senate in 2014. Markey is a champion for clean energy policies, climate action, and civil liberties. Notably, the Senator was instrumental in defending net neutrality and co-authoring the Green New Deal. Markey is a popular incumbent and a leading progressive voice in the Senate. In 2014, he was elected with 62% of the vote. He is facing a primary challenge from Rep. Joe Kennedy, but his long-standing record as a  progressive champion should help him to keep his seat. Markey has been endorsed by the DSCC and many of his Democratic Senate colleagues, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer.

Markey has been a strong champion of J Street’s issues during his time in the Senate. Markey believes unilateral annexation “would undermine long-term prospects for peace and Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state.” He is a cosponsor of S. Res. 234, which advocates for a two-state solution. Markey has been similarly strong on Iran. He cosponsored the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act and voted for the War Powers Resolution, which reasserts Congress’ constitutional authority over the power to declare war. In 2015, Markey also served as one of the JCPOA’s most notable supporters in the Senate, and believes “the Iran nuclear deal was doing exactly what it was designed to do – verifiably ensuring Iran did not obtain nuclear weapons.” In an effort to preserve the Iran Nuclear Deal, earlier this year Markey introduced the Iran Diplomacy Act which calls upon the United States and Iran to return to no less than their commitments under JCPOA.