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Summer Lee

House - Open

Summer Lee is a Pennsylvania state representative, attorney, and a lifelong organizer. Born and raised in the Mon Valley, Summer is a proud product of Woodland Hills public schools and graduate of Penn State, and later earned her JD from the Howard University School of Law. She led voter turnout efforts with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, worked for the Fight for $15 to raise wages, and spearheaded a successful initiative to transform the local school board before running for State House in 2018. She took on a 20-year incumbent, doubled voter turnout, and won with over 67% of the vote. She also made history, becoming the first Black woman from Western Pennsylvania ever elected to the legislature. As a legislator, she has championed voting rights, environmental justice, reproductive rights, and strengthening unions and worker protections.

Lee values “the special relationship between Israel and the United States, particularly as Israel became the expression of Jewish people seeking safety and self-determination after experiencing violent anti Semitism throughout the world.” She has pledged to “work to strengthen the bonds between  the Israeli and the American people, and […] will work for an end to the occupation of the Palestinian people.” Lee is a strong supporter of “a diplomacy-first approach to foreign  policy, centering human rights.” In that vein, Lee believes that the US “must support democracy and human rights in Israel and in Palestine and commitments that lead to long-term stability between the two peoples, so that all may live with independence,  sovereignty, and dignity.” On Iran, Lee believes that “the JCPOA must be restored and the United States must exhaust diplomatic tools in order to prevent military conflict in the region.”