Candidate Details

Tammy Duckworth

Senate - Incumbent

In 2016, Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent Mark Kirk to win a seat in the Senate. She was first elected to Congress in 2012 to represent Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, defeating GOP incumbent Joe Walsh in the general election. Congresswoman Duckworth is a noted veteran of the Iraq War, and lost both her legs in a Black Hawk helicopter combat mission in 2004. She is the first disabled woman elected to Congress, and the first senator to give birth while in office.

The Congresswoman has previously stressed that her military experience puts her in a unique position to speak out for peace in the Middle East; she trained with Israeli soldiers and notes that her exposure to the IDF has shaped her perspective on the sacrifices they make. In the Senate, Sen. Duckworth has been a reliable source of support for pro-peace, pro-Israel Americans. Duckworth has continued to express strong support for a two-state solution, acknowledging Israel’s best security arrangement can be achieved through an agreement with the Palestinians. Reaffirming her conviction that American leadership is critical to bridging Israeli and Palestinian support for a two-state solution, Duckworth was one of the original cosponsors of Senate Resolution 234 in 2019, which reaffirmed Congress’ support for a two-state solution and opposed annexation.