Candidate Details

TJ Cox

House - Incumbent

Rep. TJ Cox represents California’s 21st congressional district, after unseating former Rep. David Valadao in 2018. Cox is an engineer and entrepreneur who had a career in international project management and construction. In 2010, he then founded the Central Valley NMTC Fund, which invests in socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the Central Valley. To date, Cox secured $120 million dollars for community health clinics, job training centers and other critically needed projects.

TJ Cox spent a month in the Middle East during the first intifada, shaping his understanding of the region and the urgent need for peace. In Congress, he plans to make Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state a priority. Cox sees the two-state solution as essential in ensuring that Israel survives and thrives, and he believes that the United States should facilitate bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians in the peace process. In his view, the current US administration has abdicated global leadership and taken steps that, unfortunately, make the prospects for peace and stability in the region much more remote.