Candidate Details

Veronica Escobar

House - Incumbent

Rep. Veronica Escobar represents Texas’s 16th congressional district in Congress, after having won an open seat contest to fill the seat in 2018. She served two terms as El Paso County Judge and one term as County Commissioner. Prior to entering public service, Escobar was the Executive Director for Community Scholars, a local non-profit organization. She also served as the Communications Director for Mayor Raymond Caballero and was a faculty member at the University of Texas at El Paso and El Paso Community College. If elected, she will be the first Latina to represent Texas in Congress.

Veronica Escobar recognizes that given Israel’s status as the only democracy in the Middle East, it is a major strategic ally for the US. She believes that the extremist groups in the region are threats to not only Israel, but to global stability and US interests. With that belief in mind, she recognizes the importance of active American leadership in the peace process. She supports a two-state solution that would ensure Israel’s future as both a Jewish and democratic state.

While the US has pulled out of the JCPOA, Escobar believes that Iran should never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. She supports aid to Israel through the Memorandum of Understanding in order for Israel to preserve its qualitative military edge. Additionally, Escobar holds that the US should resume providing aid to the Palestinian Authority as long as it meets its commitments to “recognize the state of Israel, to renounce violence, and to abide by prior agreements.”