Our Track Record

2016 Election Cycle

JStreetPAC’s work in the 2016 election cycle illustrates the political space that exists for a Middle East policy that puts diplomacy first — even in a challenging electoral environment.

Topline 2016 statistics:

  • JStreetPAC distributed a record $3.6 million to its 124 endorsed candidates for Congress, making it the largest pro-Israel PAC for the fifth cycle running.
  • 99% of JStreetPAC-endorsed Members of Congress won reelection and not a single incumbent Iran deal supporter was unseated by a deal detractor.
  • JStreetPAC was a top bundler in key Senate battlegrounds, raising over $200,000 each for endorsees in Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
  • JStreetPAC was a lead supporter of Tammy Duckworth in her successful effort to unseat Congress’ most persistent Iran deal obstructionist, Mark Kirk.
  • The 115th Congress will include 99 JStreetPAC endorsees in the House, comprising over half of the House Democratic Caucus, and 19 endorsees in the Senate.
  • The PAC raised an average of $27,000 per candidate and $32,500 for competitive House candidates.
  • JStreetPAC was responsible for over 45 percent of pro-Israel PAC money raised for candidates this election cycle.

2014 Election Cycle

The 2014 election cycle saw the successful and continued growth of JStreetPAC’s strength in supporting pro-Israel, pro-peace candidates. The PAC raised and distributed over $2.4 million to 95 endorsees, beating its own 2012 record of the most money raised and distributed by a Pro-Israel PAC, and raising nearly 40% of all Pro-Israel PAC money for the cycle. An impressive 79 out of 95 endorsees won re-election, and in a truly tough election year for incumbents, 78 out of 83 incumbent endorsees won re-election. JStreetPAC ensured that Senate champions such as Brian Schatz and Jeanne Shaheen won re-election, and could continue to work on a pro-Israel, pro-Peace agenda.

Topline 2014 statistics:

  • JStreetPAC distributed over $2.4 million to its 95 endorsed candidates — the most in history by a pro-Israel PAC
  • 79 of 95 JStreetPAC endorsed candidates won their races, including 92% of incumbents
  • The 114th Congress is the most pro-Israel, pro-peace in history and includes 12 Senators and 74 Representatives endorsed by JStreetPAC
  • 50% more JStreetPAC endorsed Senators serve in the 114th Congress than in the previous Congress and nearly 40% of the House Democratic Caucus is JStreetPAC endorsed
  • JStreetPAC was a top bundler in the key Senate battlegrounds of New Hampshire, Georgia, Iowa and Colorado, raising an average of over $190,000 each for Jeanne Shaheen, Michelle Nunn, Bruce Braley and Mark Udall
  • The PAC raised an average of $50,000 for candidates in races classified as competitive by Cook Political Report
  • JStreetPACʼs bipartisan slate of endorsees included key members of House and Senate leadership, such as Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman James Clyburn
  • JStreetPAC was responsible for nearly 40% of funds distributed to candidates, and over half of funds distributed to Democratic candidates, by the 30 pro-Israel PACs in 2014
  • The PAC raised an average of $25,000 per candidate

2012 Election Cycle

The 2012 election cycle was an historic one for JStreetPAC. The PAC distributed over $1.8 million to 71 endorsed candidates, the most ever by a pro-Israel PAC, representing 35% of all funds raised for 2012 candidates by pro-Israel PACs. Of the 71 JStreetPAC-endorsed candidates, 70 won their races – including all 53 incumbents. The PAC also won 20 of 21 races that were categorized as competitive by the Cook Political Report and helped defeat six members of Congress who took particularly extreme positions on Israel and the two-state solution, a bloc we named the “One-State Caucus.”

Topline 2012 statistics:

  • 71 endorsed candidates
  • 70 victorious endorsees
  • $1.8 million distributed to candidates
  • Responsible for 35% of pro-Israel PAC money contributed to federal candidates
  • An average of $26,000 raised per endorsee

2010 Election Cycle

Building on the success of our inaugural election cycle, JStreetPAC grew into a major political force in 2010 by distributing over $1.5 million to 61 endorsed candidates, over 2.5 times more than in 2008. JStreetPAC’s 2010 endorsees fared well in the face of the most toxic political atmosphere in recent history. Overall, 45 of 61 endorsees won their races, including 82% of House incumbents.

Topline 2010 statistics:

  • 61 endorsed candidates
  • 45 victorious endorsed candidates
  • $1.5 million in contributions distributed to candidates
  • Responsible for 30% of pro-Israel PAC money contributed to federal candidates
  • An average of $24,520 raised per endorsed candidate
  • 5,070 donors

2008 Election Cycle

In the 2008 election cycle, the PAC endorsed 41 candidates for the House and Senate and raised over $578,000 to help them win. Overall, 33 of our 41 endorsed candidates won their races.

Topline 2008 statistics:

  • 41 endorsed candidates
  • 33 victorious endorsed candidates
  • 2,775 donors
  • $578,812 in contributions distributed to candidates