Primary Approved Candidates

JStreetPAC distributed a record $7 million to its 190+ supported candidates for Congress in 2020, making it the largest pro-Israel PAC for the seventh cycle running. JStreetPAC also proudly endorsed President Joe Biden and raised more than $2m in support of his campaign. 95% of JStreetPAC-supported Members of Congress won reelection and over half of the Democratic freshmen class was supported by JStreetPAC.

JStreetPAC’s “Primary Approved” designation is awarded to candidates competing in a contested primary who have shown electoral viability and substantive alignment with J Street’s pro-Israel, pro-peace agenda. One or more candidates from the same primary can be awarded JStreetPAC’s “Primary Approved” designation, with the eventual winner considered for a full endorsement.

  • Alex Lasry

    D, WI

    Alex Lasry is running for the Wisconsin Senate seat, and is the Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks. In…

  • Sarah Godlewski

    D, WI

    Sarah Godlewski is the Wisconsin State Treasurer, a 5th generation Wisconsinite from Eau Claire, a working mom, and a former small business owner. She was elected…